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    22 May | 22 September 2024


    Conceived by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano

    Forum of Caesar


    The story narrated by Piero Angela, accompanied by reconstructions and videos, starts from the history of the excavations made for the construction of Via dei Fori Imperiali, when an “army” of 1,500 construction workers were mobilized in an unprecedented work: razing to the ground an entire neighborhood and digging out the area until the level of ancient Rome was reached.

    Thus the story starts from the remains of the majestic Temple of Venus, built by Julius Caesar after his victory over Pompey, to lead the spectators into the excitement of the daily life in Ancient Rome, when officials, plebeians, militaries, matrons, consuls and senators strolled under the arches of the Forum. Ancient taberne reapper among these colonnades, they were used as offices and shops of the Forum and, among these, of particular interest is the shop of a nummulario, a sort of currency exchange point of the timeThere was also a large public toilet of which there are curious remains.

    The visit seeks to evoke the role of the Forum in the life of the Romans but also the figure of Julius Caesar. To accomplish this great work, Caesar had to expropriate and demolish an entire neighborhood,  at the total cost of 100 million gold coins, the equivalent of at least 300 million euros. Caesar also wanted that the new headquarters of the Roman Senate, the Curia, was built right next to his court. A building that still exists and that, through a virtual reconstruction, you can review as it appeared at that time.

    In those years, while the power of Rome grew dramatically, the Senate was very weakened and it was in this situation of internal crisis that Caesar was able to get special and perpetual political power. Through the story narrated by Piero Angela spectators will get to know more about this intelligent and ambitious man, idolized by some, hated and feared by others.

    SHOW SCHEDULES (nightly shows)
    22 May to 31 July: from 9pm to 11.00pm
    1 to 31 August: from 8.40pm to 11.00 pm
    1 to 22 September: from 8pm to 10.20pm

    Any cancellations for technical or meteorological reasons will be promptly communicated via email to the address provided during the purchase



    cuffie-cesareThrough special audio systems with headphones the spectators will listen to music, special effects and the story narrated by Piero Angela in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese, German and Chinese).

    The story narrated by Piero Angela is accompanied by some amazing videos and reconstructions.

    To watch the traveling show at the Forum of Caesar, the access will be through the staircase located near the Trajan’s Column.
    To reach the Forum of Caesar the public will pass through the Forum of Trajan on a walkway and under the underground tunnel of the Imperial Fora, opened for the first time after the excavations of the last century.

    The visit seeks to evoke the role of the Forum in the life of the Romans but also the figure of Julius Caesar.





      Forum of Caesar Tickets

      Forum of Caesar Tickets

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      SHOW SCHEDULES (nightly shows)
      22 May to 31 July: from 9pm to 11.00pm
      1 to 31 August: from 8.40pm to 11.00 pm
      1 to 22 September: from 8pm to 10.20pm


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        • Ciampino, Rome-Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastine International Airport – area outside the Arrivals area (map)
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      Contact center of tourist and cultural information in Rome
      +39 060608 (open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)



      The stones speak. And they tell a lot of stories. The Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar are important sources of information for archaeologists and for all of us. Through light effects we will reconstruct the Forum, a place at the centre of many historical events in ancient Rome.

      Piero Angela

      We invite you to enjoy a cultural, educational, emotional and spectacular experience, that is also original and surprising. The findings are the protagonists of this experience and technology will help us to appreciate it. You will be enchanted by the real life, the ancient world, and history.

      Paco Lanciano

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